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Catalog of the Video Tapes available in the Center

Video Tapes


1. Beyond killing us softly: The strength to Resist

    A documentary about the image of women in advertising. The film presents the ideas of girls and young women as well as those of the leading authorities in the fields of psychology of women and girls, eating disorders, gender studies, violence against women, and media literacy-and focuses their ideas on practical solutions and the best tactics for reclaiming our culture. It documents the fight against the toxic and degrading messages to girls and women that dominate the media.

33 minutes

2. Rape is...

    A documentary video that explores the meaning and consequences of rape. This documentary looks at rape from a global and historical perspective, but focuses mainly on the domestic cultural conditions that make this human rights violation the most underreported crime in America. Many types of sexual assault are not considered a serious crime by the legal system and our society refuses to see the true cost of this brutal denial of basic rights. "Rape is..." expands the narrow ways we think of sexual violence, and demonstrates that it is not a sporadic and rare occurrence, but a cultural and criminal outrage that affects millions of women, children and men all over the world.

32 minutes

3. Defending our lives

    Domestic violence is the single greatest cause of injury to women in America - more than muggings, rapes, and car accidents combined. A woman in the United States is more likely to be killed by her partner than by any other assailant. Sarah Buel, a district attorney, outlines the problem throughout the video - not merely as a member of the criminal justice system, but as a former battered woman. Every person in this documentary is an expert; each has experienced first-hand the terror of domestic violence.

42 minutes

4. Rape culture

    "Rape Culture" was first produced in 1975 and then revised in 1983. This was the first documentary to establish the relationship between rape and our culture's sexual fantatasies. The film shows the connections between violence and "normal" patterns of behavior. The film also attempts to expand our society's narrow and sexist concept of rape to its real and accurate limits. The notion that rape is an isolated sexual perversion, the product of an individual's deranged mind, is dispelled in this film.

Authors: Mary Daly and Emily Culpepper

30 minutes

5. Not just a job: Career planning for Women

    "Not Just a Job" is designed as an overview to the career planning process, to introduce new ideas and avenues to pursue. The program is a condensation of a nine week course that has helped thousands of women, with differing levels of education and experience, find meaningful work. Rather than trying to fit oneself into the requirements of an employment and or attempting to fulfill the expectation of others, this video stresses the importance of self-assessment and finding work that fits one's needs and desires.

35 minutes

6. Taking our bodies back: The women's health movement

    The film documents a growing movement in the 1970s of women regaining control of their own bodies. It shows women becoming aware of their right in dealing with the medical industry and explores ten critical areas of the women's health movement, from the revolutionary concept of self-help to the issue of informed surgical consent.:

  • self-help
  • birth at home
  • abortion
  • high school women's support group
  • breast cancer
  • research
  • gynecological exam
  • drug company attitude
  • hysterectomy
  • health care for women of colour

33 minutes

7. Tough guise violence, media and crisis in masculinity

    While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

    In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity.
This exciting new media literacy tool-- utilizing racially diverse subject matter and examples-- will enlighten and provoke students (both males and females) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity.

    Touch guise is organized into two parts to aid facilitation of discuss viewing

Part one: Understanding violent masculinity Intriduction/ Degendering Violence/ Upping the Ante/ Backlash/ The tough Guise

Part two: Violent Masculinity in Action The school Shootings/ Constructing Violent Masculinity/ Violent Sexuality/ Invulnerability Vulnerability/ Better Men

Executive Producer & Director Sut Jhally Written by Jackson Katz & Jeremy Earp Produced by Susan Ericsson & Sanjay Talreja Edited by Sut Jhally, Susan Ericsson, Sanjay Talreja & Jeremy Smith

82 minutes

8. Off the straight and narrow lesbians, gays, bisexuals and T.V.

    Off the Straight & Narrow challenges viewers to consider the value and limits of available gay images: who is represented, what they get to say, and how people respond to them. The video is an invaluable tool for all educators interested in introducing students to issues of representation and diversity in the media.

Produced, directed & edited by Katherine Sender
Executive Producer Sut Jhally
Copyright 1998

63 minutes