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'Marie Curie EST fellowships
in Women's and Gender Studies'

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The coursework part of the programme is divided into the following modules:

New courses introduced by the Programme

  • Gender in International & European Studies
  • Women and Cinema
  • Gender and Advertising
  • Gender and Literature
  • Gender and the Labour Market
  • Gender, Ideology and Culture
  • The History of the Feminist Movement
  • Gender and Politics

Improvement of existing courses on gender

  • International & European Actions for Gender Equality
  • Women and Employment
  • Gender Equality Policies
  • Gender and Social Policy
  • Employment, Gender & Inequality
  • Gender and Contemporary Social Theory
  • Contemporary Social Theory: The Body and New Technologies

Courses reorganized to include a gender dimension

  • Labour Markets and Employment Policies
  • European Law
  • Issues in European Integration
  • European Organizations
  • Theory and Methodology of International Law
  • International Law of Development
  • European Social Policy
  • Welfare State: History, Tendencies and Perspectives
  • Private International Law
  • Issues of Social Policy Ún the European Union
  • Family and Family Policy
  • Introduction to Social Structures and Dynamics
  • Introduction to the Sociology of Work
  • Globalization and the New Social Movements
  • Rural Areas and Regional Development
  • Income Inequalities and Poverty
  • Media law (I)
  • Media law (II)
  • Communication Policy
  • History of Social Theory
  • Introduction to Sociology I
  • Introduction to Sociology II
  • Globalization and Social Welfare
  • Social Policy
  • European Social Policy
  • Society, Health and Health Policies
  • Social and Political Forces in Greece before 1940
  • The European and Greek Trade Union Movement
  • Political Anthropology
  • Special Issues in Modern Greek Society