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'Marie Curie EST fellowships
in Women's and Gender Studies'

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 The Gender Studies Centre


The Gender Studies Centre promotes:

  • The development of research in the fields of Gender and Gender Equality.
  • The collection of print and electronic documentation on gender topics, including a specialized book and video collection.
  • The dissemination of information on the latest national and international news in matters of public policies and gender and information access through ICTs on issues of gender and gender equality.

Information is provided to students on:

  • Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Gender Studies in other Greek Universities or in Europe.
  • Employment opportunities in the fields of Gender Studies and gender policies.

Other activities include:

  • Fostering collaboration between students and professors of Panteion University and of other Universities, and between other institutions and organizations working on gender equality issues.
  • The development of networking with other centres, organizations and networks of women's and feminist studies in Greece, Europe or other countries.