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'Marie Curie EST fellowships
in Women's and Gender Studies'

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 Educational Research Material



  • National Exhibition of the Observatory for the Treatment of Violence against Women (organization of the exhibition: Kaiti Paparriga Kostavara)
  • EQUAPOL: Gender-sensitive and women friendly public policies: a comparative analysis of their progress and impact (Executive Summary)
  • EQUAPOL: Woman-friendly and gender-sensitive public policies. A comparative analysis of their progress and effects (Condensed Report) (Translation: Sissy Vovou)


  • Gender and Social Class, An Annotated Bibliography (Theodora Tsoli)
  • An Annotated Bibliography on gender-related subjects with reference to: the welfare state, the family, employment, social insurance, social exclusion, sexuality, and violence against women (Eleanna Spyridaki)


  • Feminism and Marxism: Five Classical Texts (Translation: Dina Vaiou, Zoi Georgiou, Maria Stratigaki)
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      [The main enemy]
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